Our Business

We coordinate optimal distribution and services for specialty products.
Ensuring distribution quality, we deliver specialty products safely and reliably across Japan.

Proposals for the Distribution of
Specialty Products

We act as a comprehensive contact point and utilize the diverse functions of the Alfresa Group and affiliated companies to meet a variety of needs depending on client requests and product characteristics. We deliver specialty products safely and reliably across Japan by coordinating optimal distribution and services.
スペシャリティ製品の流通提案Transport (A・L Plus Co., LTD.)Manufacturing (Alfresa Pharma Corporation)スペシャリティ製品の流通提案Manufacturing (Alfresa Pharma Corporation)Transport (A・L Plus Co., LTD.)

Nation-wide Distribution Network
& Stable Supply

We deliver specialty products across Japan through
the distribution network of Alfresa Group and affiliated companies.
In addition, stable supply is ensured as we manage distributions nation-wide.
Nation-wide Distribution Network & Stable Supply


The Alfresa Group has formulated a business continuity plan (BCP)
to prepare for the occurrence of a large-scale disaster or pandemic,
and has established a nation-wide system to ensure
the continued supply of pharmaceuticals.

Ensuring Quality in

Under our quality policy, we have established a quality system that complies
with Japanese GDP guidelines in pursuit of ensuring quality in specialty product distribution.
Ensuring Quality in Distribution